Condominium Mailboxes

At, we offer a wide variety of postal supplies including a complete selection of condominium mail boxes. Postal items suitable for condos and apartment buildings include vertical and horizontal mailboxes, mail chests, brass or aluminum mailboxes, cluster box units or CBU's, pedestal drop boxes, mail drops, free standing rotary mail centers, and more.

Made entirely of aluminum, Salsbury 3500 series vertical mail boxes and 3600 series horizontal mail boxes are perfect for any condominium mailroom. Vertical models can be either surface or recessed mounted and horizontal models can be rear or front loaded. One opening is required for a master postal or commercial mailbox lock and cannot be used for mail distribution, however, the opening is readily convertible to a mail slot. If the unit is rear loading, all openings are usable. Both can receive mail either from the US Postal Service or or from a private individual. Each door includes a five pin cylinder cam lock and an indentation to accommodate a label (included) identifying the tenantís name and/or box number.

The Salsbury 4300 series mail chests are made entirely of aluminum. They are available in front and rear access. Large models feature a locking mailbox door. Mail chests can be mounted on the optional aluminum pedestals and may be used for U.S.P.S. residential door delivery. A master postal lock not required.

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